Art Shoes Are a Draw

Every pair of feet is unique. It was a factor which resulted in the Handsome Prince finding Cinderella. You all know the story but briefly if you do not, here it is.

Cinderella was a beautiful young girl who found herself little more than a servant to her ugly step sisters when her widower father remarried to a domineering woman.

Cinderella's days were spent in the kitchen or cleaning while her step sisters enjoyed the comfortable life. She was reluctant to say anything to her father because of his wife's domineering character so she bore her problems in silence.

She was not invited to a Special Ball when the Handsome Prince was expected to seek a bride. Crying and alone, her step sisters having left for the ball, her fairy godmother appeared and announced she would go to the Ball. Transforming Cinderella into a beautifully dressed young lady wearing art shoes, with a pumpkin and mice changed to a coach and horses, she went to the Ball with a warning to be home by midnight when everything would return to normal.

The Prince was captivated by her beauty, the sisters did not recognize her and everything was perfect until midnight approached.

Realizing she must leave immediately, and in her haste, she lost one of her glass slippers which the Prince found, vowing to find its owner.

Every lady in the Land tried on the slipper but to no avail. The Sisters welcomed the Prince into their home and tried on the slipper without success. They did not invite Cinderella to try on the art shoes, not imagining for a moment that it would fit. She was a mere servant girl bound to the house and kitchen.

The Prince however saw her working in the kitchen, and asked her to try on the slipper.
It was a perfect fit!

The Prince married Cinderella and they lived happy ever after as the hero and heroine did in many such stories.

Cinderella is a lovely and very famous fairy story which is performed in pantomime up and down the UK at Christmastime, and it remains one of children's favorite bed time stories.

Specialist shoemakers make to measure shoes, a most skillful art, but the majority of us buy our mass produced shoes which have successfully catered for the uniqueness of everyone's feet.

Many materials can be used to make comfortable shoes, leather, plastic, canvas, wood, polyurethane among others or a combination of those materials but glass is for fairy stories.

Leather uppers and soles remain top of the range but many of these other materials make extremely comfortable footwear. Perhaps the best example is the sporting shoe in its various forms, made from flexible man-made material and cushioned rubber to provide both support and comfort, two aspects which can enhance the performance of its wearer.